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there are approximately 1,013,913 words in the english language but i could never string any of them together to explain how much i want to hit you with a chair.

get like me choreo; team b vs professional dancers

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[snippet] Team B - What Time Is It 

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NONA9ON sells out in 3 days!

YG Entertainment and Samsung Cheil Industries’ co-founded Natural9’s new global young street casual brand NONAGON saw its clothes being sold out in just 3 days of its launch of pop-up store.

According to YG on Sept 15, NONAGON opened its store at Apgujeong’s Galleria Department Store on Sept 12, the stock sold out completely on Sept 14. The storage was filled with items for two weeks, but as the pile disappeared in 4 days, it proved NONAGON’s power among consumers.

The most-loved item was NONAGON’s representative bomber jacket with embroidery of a tiger, selling out in just a single day.

Apart from this, the display at the store of a nonagon-shaped cage with tiger objects, and the skull that is a collaboration with Swarovski, attracted much attention from little kids and their parents. Inquiries on the items poured in while interests for the brand only heightened.

At the store, YG artists’ show pieces that they actually worn are on display, which provides another source of entertainment for the visitors.

The event attracted even more attention as LVMH’s Asian head Andrew Wu and Hong Kong’s famous brand I.T’s head Sham Kar Wai personally paid a visit to the store on the first day of the launch.

The launching party, held on Sept 11, accommodated YG’s Executive Producer YANG HYUN SUK, CEO YANG MIN SUK and the head of Samsung Cheil Industries Lee Seo Hyun, while YG’s artists like PSY, BIGBANG, EPIK HIGH, 2NE1, CHA SEUNG WON, CHOI JI WOO, and BOBBY attended the event as well.

NONAGON will move on to Italy’s Milan at 10 Corso Como headquarter and I.T in Shanghai and Hong Kong. From Sept 19, Korean consumers will see pop-up stores at 10 Corso Como Cheongdam and Avenual while from Sept 26 at BEAKER Cheongdam and Hannam, creating a fashion sensation in the South Korean market.

Source: Star News

Translated by: YG LIFE


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